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  • NEWS (18 November 2011):
    "Division Algebras, Lattices, Physics, Windmill Tilting",
    a manuscript of 17 years of research since the publication of the first book,
    now available on Amazon (USA sales).

    A possible international sales link. However, there are now a number
    of countries whose Amazon sites (or Borders) claim to be able to sell the book.
    If you have tried and failed to purchase, please email me at:

    Half of this volume is devoted to relationships of the division algebras to lattice theory;
    half of the material extends and illuminates the material in book 1 concerning the algebra T,
    and the role it is maintained it plays in the "Algebraic Design of Physics";
    and the remaining third   ; )   of this new volume is lattice related numerology,
    as well as some history, and opinion.

  • NEWS (17 May 2005): "Division Algebras: Octonions, Quaternions, Complex Numbers,
    and the Algebraic Design of Physics"

    is now published by Springer (which recently bought Kluwer). This link works as of 2005.05.17.

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