My 2nd book, Division Algebras, Lattices, Physics, Windmill Tilting, was published in 2011. The paper version can be bought through Amazon from many countries, along with many other online sellers (just do a google search).

However, it is now also available as a Kindle eBook.

Half of this volume is devoted to relationships of the division algebras to lattice theory; half of the material extends and illuminates the material in book 1 concerning the algebra T, and the role it is maintained it plays in the "Algebraic Design of Physics"; and the remaining half ;) of this volume is lattice related numerology, as well as some history, and opinion.
My 1st book, Division Algebras: Octonions, Quaternions, Complex Numbers, and the Algebraic Design of Physics is now published by Springer (which recently bought Kluwer). This link (click image) works as of 2014.04.16.