I will asume that you know the rules of ordinary life. If not, you may want to go to your favorite search engine and search for "Game of Life". The rules here are similar, except that it's played out on a finite "planet" (Bucky ball), and instead of squares we use triangles. As in ordinary "Life", with each step a nonliving triangle comes to life (turns reddish) if it has a score falling in some range, and a living triangle stays alive if it has a score in some other range. Each triangle shares an edge with 3 other triangles (which contribute 2 to its score if they're alive), and shares a single point with 8 or 9 other triangles (which contribute 1 point if alive (20 of the 80 triangles touch 9 other triangles at 1 point; the remaining 60 touch 8)). Ok ...

To play:
  1. Click a "Life range" button at upper left.
    The first two numbers give the "come alive if not alive" score range,
    and the second two the "stay alive if alive" range.
  2. Turn on some faces by clicking them.
  3. Press "Go".
The triangles are slightly translucent so you can sort of see what's going on all the way around. You can also rotate the thing using the arrow keys (this will freeze the action until you release the key - the "Stop" button will also freeze the action, as will rolling over the "Reset" button).

You can modify the four numbers of the first Life range values: click and hold the reset button, then the keys ...
  • "q" and "w" will change the first number;
  • "e" and "r" will change the second number;
  • "t" and "y" will change the third number;
  • "u" and "i" will change the fourth number.
When you quit your machine will remember the last set of values you used once you reload the application.
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