You have 1 minute to accumulate score. Each time you hit the ball you get points
proportional to how high the ball was when you hit it - so it makes no sense to
attempt to keep the ball low and make easy shots. Also, each time you hit the
ball its speed increses by a factor of 1.1, and each time you miss it decreases by
a factor of 0.8 (any wall hit (except floor) will decrease the component of the
velocity perpendicular to that wall by that same factor). Where you hit the ball
on the racket also effects the velocity vector of the ball as it leaves the racket.
You'll just have to get used to that. If you are really good at hitting the ball it
will eventually get moving so fast it is unlikely you'll be able to keep up. It might
on occasion benefit you to miss a fast low shot (few points missed, and the ball
will be slowed down). But if the ball moves too slowly it'll take too much time
between shots to build up a very good score. Anyway, it's pretty cool. Cheers.
As of 12 March 2000, this game will store the high score for the machine
you're playing from and let you know if you don't beat it.

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