WAIT FOR IT - it takes a while to load.
There are two stationary charges, and a third charge that can fly about under the influence of the
electric field produced by the stationary charges. The controls are as follows:
  • E VECS button will display some electric field vectors;
  • E LINES button will display some electric field lines;
  • FIRE 3 button will release the third charge (initially at left);
  • 3 BACK will return the third charge to its starting position;
  • Radio buttons select charges 1 (top right), 2 (bottom right), or 3 (left);
    • 0 to 9 keys will change the charge of the selected particle;
    • - key will change the sign of the charge of the selected particle
      (in response, if positive it turns blue, negative red, neutral grey);
    • a, s, w, z keys will move the selected particle left, right, up and down.
  • CLEAR button will clear the vectors and field lines from the grid.
There is also a scientific calculator one can get to with the CALC button.

Don't press the "QUIT" button. It's intended for the stand-alone version (if you'd like it please
contact me at gdixon@7stones.com - stand-alone is 33% bigger).

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